Confetti 1.0

Sprinkle confetti all over your PDA


  • Fun confetti drawing effect


  • No save function
  • Lacks different drawing tools or effects

Not bad

If you're always the bridesmaid and never the bride then perhaps you should download Confetti onto your Windows Mobile device.

Confetti is a very simple application that does nothing more than allow you to draw all over your screen with a confetti-style brush. Launching the application will turn your screen white then you just need to drag your stylus or your finger across the screen to draw shapes.

There are only two control keys in Confetti - the down button will erase your drawing and the center button will quit the program. There really is nothing more to the program than that. There's no option for saving your creations and nothing in the way of different brush types or effects to apply to your drawings.

In short, Confetti could be an amusing bit of fun to pass some time but it's not something you'll want to keep on your PPC forever.



Confetti 1.0

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